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Executive services

In the current climate, health, aged care, home care and seniors living organisations need strong leadership to survive and thrive.  However, many organisations do not want or need a full-time employee in the CEO, CFO, Quality or HR Manager seat.  Our Executive Services offering is ideal for smaller operators as it enables them to remain locally owned and viable for the long term betterment of the community.  Outsourcing the day-to-day management of your facility can lead not only to significant cost savings but also improved operational efficiencies and strategic know-how.


Our intimate knowledge of the health, aged care, home care and seniors living sectors mean we are ideally suited to step into your shoes and assist you in the day-to-day management of your facility. Through our experience in managing numerous facilities, we have collected a number of best practice approaches to management that we can roll out to your facility.  In an executive management capacity, we play a key role in refining and developing our clients’ business strategy and developing strategic initiatives and operational plans to assist our clients to successfully implement their overall strategy for their business.

We can provide Executive Services in relation to the following key areas:

CEO and Operations management


We can provide you with experienced specialist senior management solutions - on your terms.  Working on either an ongoing contract or project-by-project basis, we can tailor outsourced CEO/Operations Management services that suit your requirements and deliver results.

Financial management

Efficient and transparent financial management is integral to the running of a health, aged care, home care or seniors living organisation.  We can provide you with specialist outsourced financial management and CFO services. We work with each client to understand their accounting and financial reporting requirements.  We have the expertise to establish and implement systems to improve financial processes.  ​

Human resources


We can provide you with the full gamut of human resource services including recruitment, talent development, organisational change management, policy development, leadership coaching and management of complex employee matters.  We inspire trust and confidence in business leaders and assist in promoting a collaborative culture. 


Quality management

We can assist you to implement and maintain quality systems across your organisation.  We can support you in achieving compliance with the Accreditation Standards including to identify trends of improvement as well as gaps in compliance and make and implement appropriate recommendations.  We can also develop and monitor Key Performance Indicators across your organisation in accordance with the Aged Care Act and Principles and Accreditation Standards.

Members of our team have extensive experience in the above areas including assisting:

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Edgarley Assisted Living

Provision of CEO services in Casterton, Vic.

Aberlea Inc.

Provision of CEO services in Mortlake, Vic.

Cobden District Health Inc.

Provision of CEO services in Cobden, Vic.

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