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Service and facility planning

We understand that when planning the development of healthcare, aged care and seniors living infrastructure, the principles of patient/resident-centered services, multidisciplinary care and flexibility are paramount in every plan and design.

We have a proven track record in providing advice in relation to the following key areas:

Service and facility planning


We provide comprehensive advice in relation to all aspects of service and facility planning including concept design development, planning controls and obtaining approvals, reviewing health service plans and devising implementation strategies.  We also assist in conducting reviews and assessments of existing services and facilities.

Model of care development


We can assist you to develop new models of care that respond to changes in the environment and to community need.  We can also assist you to:

  • develop service profiles;

  • consider service partnerships and collaborative arrangements; and

  • consider the human resources, financial, IT and infrastructure implications of the proposed changes.


Workforce planning


Our approach to workforce planning involves envisioning and analysing the future operating environment of a health, aged care, home care or seniors living business and planning for organisational capabilities needed in the future.  This equips us to devise sophisticated and strategic workforce planning strategies tailored to address your specific activity and workforce requirements.  

Members of our team have extensive experience in the above areas including advising:

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Fertile Ground Health

Service planning advice in relation to its natural health centre in East Melbourne, Vic.

Royal Freemasons

via Bridge Advisory Group

Service and facility planning advice in relation to the potential development of a multi-disciplinary general practice in Donvale, Vic.

Ovens & King Community Health

Facility planning advice in relation to the pre-development planning of its GP Super Clinic in Wangaratta, Vic.


Manningham GP

Re-structuring advice in relation to its existing 20-GP medical centre in Doncaster, Vic.

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